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Shane's 2010 & 2011 Blog for Hook'Em Guide Service
Hook'Em Guide Service fishing blog dedicated to inform fisherman about what we have been catching from day to day. Walleye, Wiper, White Bass, Crappie, Small and Large Mouth Bass or Catfish are the main species of fish that will be blogged about from most Kansas Lakes. Let us know what you think!                  Shane's 2013 Blog
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Archive Blog

  Dec 2011  
Ashley and her Smallmouth Bass at Wolf Creek in Kansas with Hookem Guide Service 12-26-11 Went to Wolf Creek with Jerry and my youngest daughter Ashley. Very nice day on the water but the fishing was tough. Ended up with 28 on the day and this nice SMB that Ashley caught. Had a great time and hope the two of you will go again soon. Water temp: 65 degrees in the hot water discharge. Hook'Em!!
Ashley and her Smallmouth Bass at Wolf Creek in Kansas with Hookem Guide Service   Ashley and her Dad Shane showing off her Smallmouth Bass at Wolf Creek in Kansas with Hookem Guide Service    

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 12-23-11 Happy Holidays from Hook'Em Guide Service...

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 12-23-11

I got an early Christmas Present today from Doctor Sonar. Yours truly, Shane Eustice and Hook'Em Guide Service is the newest Pro-Staff member of, "Doctor Sonar". Thanks for this great opportunity Bruce Samson. Looking forward to promoting your products in the 2012 season. Check out Doctor Sonar at   Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 12-17-11 Got the call from Jerry and we headed to Wolf Creek today. Got on the water around 10 ish and within 5 minutes we were pulling in nice whites in 2-5 fow. Me and Craig had on a Crappie Pro Wasshoppah Bug and Jerry was using a bass spinner and changed to the Wasshoppah also. I tried out the new Custom Handtied Tail Light Jig by Crappie Pro and it really worked on the white bass. Moved up to the cable and caught several LMB on the Zinker Z and gopher head. Also caught a nice 4lb ish walleye on the Zinker Z. In all, we caught 95 fish in 6 hours of fishing. No bad for the first time to Wolf Creek this year.. I had a great time with Jerry and Craig. We will do it again soon.  Hook'Em!!
Wolf Creek Walleye 2011 with Hookem Guide Service Craig with a nice white bass with Hookem Guide Service White Bass on Crappie Pro's new Custom Hand Tied Jigs  with Hookem Guide Service Capt Jerry Howard with a nice white bass at Wolf Creek with Hookem Guide Service  

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 12-9-11 Took the day off work and went fishing with C.J. Had some issues with my boat so we took out the Skeeter. Fished hard for several hours and produced some crappie but not the very best outing. Had took nice fish in the live well but most of them were small. Hope to make it out soon. Thanks for taking me out on your fancy rig Craig.  Hook'Em!!

crappie at El Dorado Lake 12-4-11 Took out the big boat today for some crappie fishing. Man were the fish hungry. Ray and I sure had a blast catching fish. The crappie were in 16 to 18 FOW and they really crushed the new crappie pro custom handtied jigs we were using. Water temp was 41-43 degrees and had good water color. Got cold about 3ish and came in. What a great day. Hook'Em!!
El Dorado Lake winter crappie   El Dorado lake Crappie with Hook'Em Guide Service   crappie at El Dorado Lake
  Nov 2011  
Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-30-11 Nothing big but it was worth it. Nice walleye on a crappiepro jig head. Hope to get the big boat out soon. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-28-11 Went out tonight for about 30 minutes and caught two crappie. Craig caught this nice cold water walleye. Wished the days were longer. I hate winter. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-27-11 Got the carpet on the livewell finished and put the new seats in. The boat is now complete. Need to get her on the water and catch fish. Thanks Dave and Craig for the great help. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-25-11 Worked Cabela's today in Kansas City for Lowrance. Black Friday at Cabela's isn't the place to be. Crazy people! Did have a good time. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-24-11 Went out today to see if I can still catch fish as is it's been a long time without fishing. Caught this nice walleye on a CrappiePro jig. Watch the video of her release. Hope to get back out soon. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hook'Em!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-22-11 Finished the last storage bin tonight with new carpet. I have just the live well to cut and carpet and then it's done. I am very happy with the way it turned out.  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-20-11 Took the girl out for a spin today in 37 degree weather. Spent about 2 hours out on the water and everything went well. Need to finish the door on the livewell and the storage on the back of the boat. Next is the seats. Things are coming together well. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-19-11 Got the new wiring in today and finished some last minute things before I take it out tomorrow morning. Finished the carpet on the side of the boat and screwed down the flooring. Need to finish the livewell and storage bin and add the new seats. Won't be much longer. I hope everyone likes it. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-18-11 Went to Mid Kansas Marine to get the carpet this morning. Got back to the garage and got the boat back on the trailer. Painted the wood to make a good seal. After that dried, we started putting on the new carpet. I thing we had more glue on our hands that on the carpet. Sticky stuff. It took most of the afternoon to finish the complete floor but it was worth it. After we got the floor in, we hooked up the livewell and pumps. What a exhausting day. Thanks for all your help Craig...  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-17-11 Filled the transom screws with marine silicone for a water tight protection. Craig came over for support and we did more talking than anything. Going to take Friday off and get things done. Hook'Em!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-16-11 Got the boat ready for the third and final coat of paint. Things are going very well. Hope it continues to do so. Hook'Em!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-15-11 Second coat of paint went on tonight. Things are looking better. Ordered the carpet for the floor and will start putting it on later on this week. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-14-11 The first coat of paint is on and it looks really good. Will put the second coat on Tomorrow.

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-13-11 Got the transom in and got the boards cut for the flooring. Also sanded down the boat for paint. Will put on the first coat today and hope it looks good. Hook'Em!!
Transom on the Hook  

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-12-11 Started cleaning the boat out as it's a mess. Took out all of the wet foam and took out the old flooring. This is the part that I really didn't want to mess with. Nasty stuff. Will try to clean it up and get it ready to put in the new transom and flooring. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-1-11 Got the new bunk boards on and the trailer is complete. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-10-11 Took a good look at the first coat of paint tonight and it look good enough to paint again. Put a nice thick coat on for the second and final coat. Now that the painting is done, I will wait til tomorrow for it to dry and then start putting on the new boards, lights, and hardware. Hope to get this done and have the boat back on before Saturday.  Hook'Em!!
New paint on the Jon boat trailer with Hook'Em Guide Service Hook'Em Guide Service and Trailer. Hook'Em Guide's new paint on Jon Boat trailer  

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-9-11 Got the boat trailer up on saw horses and tacked down for paint. Purchased some farm impliment paint which is very thick and will allow a nice coat for the trailer without chipping. Sprayed the first coat on the trailer and it looks really good.  Hook'Em!!
First coat of paint on Jon Boat with Hook'Em Guide Service        

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 11-8-11

Haven't been fishing in a while as I have been very bust working on my new guide boat I purchased earlier this month. Got the boat off the trailer and sanded it down to paint. I am very excited about this boat as it will allow me and my customers to run up the river and fish in comfort. The boat is a 16.7 foot flat bottom with nice amount of space. Keep you posted on my new project.  Hook'Em!!
New Jon Boat with Hook'Em Guide Service        

  Oct  2011  
Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-26,27,28,

Fort Gibson Lake Monster Fest Crappie Tournament

Left Kansas on Wednesday morning for a 4 hour drive to Oklahoma. The trees were turning colors and the view was breath taking. Made it to Tulsa and stopped at Lowrance to pick up some new units to give a seminar on Friday night. Jumped back into the truck and headed to Wagner to get our motel room.  After checking in, we went out to the lake to fish for a while. The water was clear and a few crappie were put in the boat off of rocks.  Thursday we stayed around the room as it rained all night and most of the morning. Hit the water around noon and man was it cold. Did some driving around on the water to find brush and laydowns with the HDS unit. Didn’t do much fishing but we did get to know the lake better. Friday was colder at 6:00am and the fog was thick. We fished trees in two locations and produced some good fish and had a good feeling about our day. Put the mini me in the boat and went to the truck and boat parade for the kids. Handed out lots of candy and took several pictures. After the parade, I did a seminar on Lowrance HDS units and had help from Chatt Martin from Lawrence Kansas. We really did a great job and had people stay for about an hour after the presentation. Very cool. Saturday morning, game on….. So fogy that you couldn’t see the front of the boat. Temp was 32 degrees and cold. Water temp was 64.2 which made the fog that much worse. Rolled up to the trees and wham, missed. I think my hands were so cold that I couldn’t react fast enough. Went several minutes and wham, missed again. About 10 am the fog lifted and my hands finally warmed up. Raymond put some nice fish in the boat while I was keeping the boat still in the OK winds. Didn’t have the weight we wanted for the first day but we were in the chase. Sunday morning the weather was 51 degrees and the lake was glass. Hit some brush piles with no one home. What??? Raced back to the trees and no one home… Really?? Put our heads down and fished very hard but it just wasn’t our day. Total weight for the winning team was just under 21 lbs. Nice black crappie! Turned the truck and boat back towards Kansas and headed home. We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next year.  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-25-11 Going to Fort Gibson tomorrow for the Monster Fest Crappie tournament sponsored by Bobby Garland and Crappie Pro. This is a 2 day tournament on the Pro's side and should be fun. Will also be doing a seminar for Lowrance on Friday night. Wish us luck and Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-22-11 What a great day to be on the lake. C.J. and his wife Jill and I went out and had a blast with the white bass and wipers. I really don't know for sure on the days count but I do know that it was a lot. Everything came off of crank baits in 6-15 foot of water. Fished for crappie for about 30 minutes but the bite was slow and the trolling bite was on. I had about the best day today with you guys and hope to get a few more days on the water with you before mother nature shuts us down.  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-16-11 Took out Gary and his friend today and found the white bass early. We caught several pulling crank baits in 6 to 14 fow. Was able to catch one nice 19 inch walleye also. The Kansas winds drove us off the main lake so we fished for bass for the rest of the day. Caught some LMB and a few SMB but nothing huge. Had a great time with these two guys and can wait till we go again soon. I think we are going to Wolf Creek this winter. It should be fun. Thanks for the trip guys.  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-15-11 Did some prefishing today with CJ for my upcomming trip on Sunday. Chased the wipers and white bass in the morning and found them 10 foot deep in 40 foot of water. Came off the lake about 10:30 and back on at 12:00. Tried out crappie spot and CJ caught a nice 22 inch walleye and I followed up with a nice crappie just a tad under 15 inches. Moved on for some trolling for whites so we went to the west side and found the mother load. Caught soo many fish. We had several wipers and whites and a few walleye. Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-14-11

Took out a father and son tonight for some white bass and wiper fishing on El Dorado Lake. Our first spot triggered a quick smack on the trolled crank bait but the fish was off just as fast. Pulled our crank baits for about 15 minutes and nothing. The fish were stacked in the area but no takers. Went to our second spot, and the underwater dam produced fish. We caught several small whites in a hurry. As the evening came to a close, Fish on... We landed a nice 21 inch wiper. This made the evening for my two anglers. Got back to the docks and pitched small jigs under the lights for some fast white bass action. Beautiful weather and great company. Let’s do it again soon guys.  Hook'Em!!

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-8-11 Rain, wind, and cool weather on the forcast for taday. The fish didn't care as they had one thing on their mind and that was shad. Pulled cranks along the south end of the lake and caught fish in 50+ foot to 12 foot of water. Soo many fish everywhere chasing shad. Our crank baits stayed about 40 feet back and 6-8 foot deep. Spooned, casted, and trolled. Had several doubles, tripples and quads, and even two fish on one crankbait. Can't wait for more days like this to come.

Shane with a nice wiper in Kansas 10-4-11 Went out tonight with a friend searching for some wipers. Did find some whites but now wipers. Shad along the dam are really stacking up thick. Was able to catch a nice 22 inch walleye in 10 fow. Hook'Em!!


October is my favorite time on the water as the shad will school up and the fishing is usually fantastic. Jumped out of bed and headed for some fast fishing. The lake was like glass and perfect for the fisherman. The fish didn’t think the same as it was terrible. No walleye, no whites, a few crappie. Whats going on here? Headed to the rocks and fished for SMB. Was able to catch several throwing the Zinker Z bait. Not only did the SMB like them but also the Drum. Had some huge drum smash the bait and make several runs that tested the power pro line. Thanks to the SMB and drum, our day wasn’t a complete bomb. Hope to get back out soon and find the real deal.  Hook’Em!!

  Sept  2011  
What a great weekend on Melvern Lake. Lenard sure made a nice fishing lake for us to take advantage of. Going to miss him. Hope the next Bio does as well has he did. Thanks for the many years of service Lenard. Glad to see everyone out for the Fishing Blast and special thanks to Chatt for making the drive and the great visit on the ramp. Good to c-ya there Saturday morning.

Fished with CJ on Saturday and put together a pattern in the rocks very early with nice fish. The water we fished was dirty so we used large baits fishing in 4 to 2FOW and the crappie really smacked them... Ended up keeping 18 on Saturday ranging from 11-15 inches. Caught a 9lb flathead also that made my arms hurt. 3 FOW. Went back to camp and cook up some good grub.. Had so much food and great company.

Sunday was the same thing but we took Ethan Larson (13 years old) with us. Fished the same shallow water with better results. Had several 14 inch fish and one over 15. Had 30 nice fish by 3pm and took Ethan back to his dad and picked up Lenard. Showing off the HDS unit and found the whites. Caught some 2+ pound whites and a couple walleye. One measured. Fished till dark and call it a good day. O ya, got called off the lake by the local police for a boat check. I guess they don't have boats there.. He used his PA to call us off the water.. What the HECK>> That’s an all-time first for me...

Everyone that came sure caught some nice fish and we can't wait to do it again in 2012.
Crappie at Melvern lake with Hook'Em Guide Service
Flathead at Melvern Lake with Hook'Em Guide Service Crappie at Melvern Lake with Hook'Em Guide Service  
9-23-11 Heading to Melvern today for a 3 day fish outing with the boys. Fishing Blast 2011 starts today and ends on Monday. Come out if you can.  Hook'Em!!


Ok, I tried out something new tonight and it was the coolest thing ever.. I fished the docks while it was raining with a new product called Reel-lites. It's a 612 led submergible light with 2600 lumens and I can truly say that it lights up everything. The plankton and minnows showed up within minutes. Had my first fish hooked on in less than five minutes. We fished for 2 hours and at one time, we were catching whites one after another. It's really neat to see the fish swimming around the green light. Ended up catching walleye, LMB, drum, and tons of whites. You have to check them out.    Hook'Em!!

9-18-11 Went out mid-morning and crappie was on my mind. Went to the first brush pile and wham, nice crappie. Caught a few more and moved on. The second pile produced another few and the third pile had some better fish. Moved to the fourth pile and caught several there. The Kansas weather couldn't make up it's mind as the winds did blow out of each direction and ended up out of the north.  We worked really hard and did keep some nice fish at 12+ inches. Going to Melvern Lake this weekend for the end of the summer gathering... Hook'Em!!

9-17-11 Took out a nice guy from the area today to learn the lake and catch some fish. We started out by showing him the boat slips at the marina as the thunder storm came in early and put us under cover for about an hour or so. After the rain, we went out scouting the lake and showing the hazards that El Dorado has now due to low water. Was able to catch some fish today but nothing worth bragging about. Will see what tomorrow brings.  Hook'Em!!

9-14-11 Went out for some crappie last night after the cold front came through. We was able to catch some nice crappie in the short time we were out. Brush piles in 14-18 fow with water temps of 74 degrees. It got dark about 8ish and when we came in to the marina, we saw white bass chasing the threadfins. Grabbed out rods and started catching them in the dark. About 45 minutes for fun... Hook'Em!!

9-11-11 Fished the Kansas Crappie Trail Tournament today at Perry Lake. Dennis and I caught so many 10-11 inch fish but never could find anything big. We did have one 12 inch fish but that was it. Everyone in the tournament had the same problem we had, lots of small fish. We took 5th with a whopping 5lbs. Hope to do better a Toronto in Oct. Hook'Em!!

9-9-11 Fished the same submerged tree again tonight and the crappie are still there. I used a weedless jig with a tube body and they sure smacked it. Again, nothing big but a nice mess if I were to keep some. Threw them all back to get bigger. Hook'Em!!

9-8-11 Fished from the bank tonight and caught several crappie by throwing a roadrunner over a submerged tree. Nothing big but it was a lot of fun. Nice way to end the day.. Hook'Em!!

9-5-11 Labor Day at the Lake. Very windy and cold this morning as a cold front came throught making the temps 20 degrees cooler. Will the fish still be there? Yes is the answer as we caught a nice 24 and a 22 inch walleye. The boat traffic made it hard for us to pull cranks, so we found a nice brush pile to pull crappie out. Was a great day on the water and the bite should get better as the temp cools down.  Hook'Em!!

9-2-11 Went out to the lake tonight and caught some walleye and whites pulling cranks. We went to the old Dam and used spoons and jigs for whites. Did catch some nice fish with some white pearch. The night was great and we came off the water at 11ish.  Hook'Em!!
  Aug  2011  
8-28-11 Took Jill and C.J. out today for some morning time walleye fishing. We tried to ware out Jill by having her reel in all the fish. I really don’t know how many she brought in but she sure had fun. We did get her limit of walleye with the biggest going 24 inches. She also caught some nice wipers to add to her morning fish count. We dropped her off at the dock about 11ish and then we went on a wiper hunt with slabs and jigs. Caught several and had two on the same rod a few times. The bite is still deep and I am really loving the clear water. Seen the wipers chasing the shad on the surface three times that day. Can't wait til fall.. Hook'Em!

8-25-11 Took a trip to Kaw Lake in Oklahoma today with two good friends for some crappie fishing. We had a cold front come in last night but we were able to work hard and catch some quality fish. The biggest fish came from Raymond and it went over 15+ and had several around the 13-14 range. Caught most of our fish in 25-12 fow in the trees. Did catch some wipers and whites. Stan landed a 10 lb carp and I had to remind him that we were there to crappie fish. Thanks for the great day guys... Hook'Em!!

8-21-11 Fished last night for 3 hours and landed 42 fish. That is 1 fish every 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Now that catching and not fishing. We pulled cranks most of the night and ended up with 4 keeper walleye and some nice white bass and some wipers. C.J. had one snap his 10lb power pro line and lost his favorite crank bait. Back to the store he goes... Had a great time and hope the fishing stays HOT..  Hook'Em!!

8-2011 Took out my father in law today at El Dorado Lake. We hit the water about 1:00 and the fishing was the best all year for numbers. Caught soo many fish, I couldn't even keep count. Jerry had a nice 24 inch walleye and my biggest fish was a 22.5 in wiper. Pulled cranks and slabbed with spoons. Returned all the fish back to catch them another day. Hook'Em!!

8-19-11 Friday night fishing with C.J. again. Back on the fish again with some nice eyes for pictures. What can I say about El Dorado Lake this year? I really have the walleye and wipers figured out. We are catching more and more fish every time we go out. I really expect the fall to be the best fishing ever for this lake. Just my 2 cents worth. Had a great time and will be back on the water tomorrow afternoon. Hook'Em!!

8-17-11 C.J. and I caught several nice fish tonight pulling cranks. The fishing at El Dorado has really turned on. Love the clear water and the hot bite. Fished from 6:30 to 8ish and caught several keepers. C.J. took several pictures tonigh of the fish, boat, and storm. The storm ran us in early but we sure had fun catching the walleye. Hook'Em!!

8-15-11 Cleaned up the boat after a long weekend of fishing. Be back on the water in a few days.  Hook'Em!!

8-14-11 Took out a group today from Texas and we sure didn't do as well as yesterday but we did catch some nice eyes. The bite was slow today and we really had to work at catching. Had several fish on and they would come off. Don't know if they wasn't in a eating mood or what but we did make a great day out of it. Blue bird day with no wind. I guess we should be happy with the fish we put in the boat. Thanks for the great day guys. See ya next year. Hook'Em!!

8-13-11 Took out Mike and his son today for a great day of fishing. We landed a nice short eye about 7:30 and then the big daddy came along. Wack... 8.4lb walleye in the boat. Kyle did a super job fighting the fish and earned himself a master angler with the length of 28.5 inches long. We also landed several walleye after that with some whites arount 10-14 inches and 3 wipers at 21+. We had a really great time and hope the fishing continues to be good for Sunday.  Hook'Em!!

8-11-11 Went out tonight for some scouting for this weekend. I think I found the spot and hope they are still there for Saturday. Hook'Em!!

8-10-11 Pulled spinners tonight with Jerry and caught several small white bass and two white pearch. Did catch 3 eyes but they were too small. Spinners are not going to work this weekend for my clients. Hope the crank baits do.  Hook'Em!!

8-9-11 After seeing Lauren's crappie from the night before, my wife and her mom wanted me to take them out tonight for their chance to catch a big fish. Well, we didn't catch anything worth a Master Angler but we did catch some nice fish. Shawna and I was on them at first and then from the back of the boat came a war cry and when we looked back, her mother had a nice crappie. Fished for an hour and turned it in for a good crappie dinner.. Thanks for going your two. I really had a great time and we will do it again soon.   Hook'Em!

8-8-11 Had some rain come through today and man did it cool things down. My oldest daughter and I went out tonight for two hours. She caught two nice crappie at EL Dorado Lake. 14+ and a kicker fish of 15+. They are the biggest she has caught this year. Very proud to be her dad.. Love fishing with her...Water temp was 84.5 and the fish were in 18 FOW fishing with 1/4 jig and Wasshoppah's! Took a few home for a meal. Thanks for the great night of fishing Lauren. Maybe the next time I will catch more than you. Hook'Em!!

8-7-11 We didn't want to fish Glen Elder again today so we drove back to El Dorado today and hit the lake at 12. The temps were around 101 and the bite was good. Caught several crappie in 13 FOW with some really nice slabs. I think Phillip had the biggest that went about 14-15 inches. Had fun guys and can't wait to do it again.  Hook'Em!!

8-6-11 Went and ate some great frog legs last night and they were great. The fishing for us today wasn't as hot as we would have liked. Did catch some nice fish but not the jumbos we wanted. C.J. did have a really nice one on but I lost it for him. Sorry! Caught our fish in 6-8 FOW in small trees. Got very windy around 2ish and we came off about 3. Will see what tomorrow will bring.  Hook'Em!

8-5-11 Going to Glen Elder today with Phillip and C.J. for Crappie Camp 2011. About a three hour drive and I hope I survive with the two of them in the truck. Will give a full report when I get back.  Hook'Em!!

8-1-11 Happy Birthday to my Mother Evelyn. Went out with Jill and C.J. tonight and man was it hot. Went to the trees for some crappie and not much was going on. Did catch a very nice crappie in 10 FOW but the few bites we had were very light. Too hot for us so we went out on the main lake for some air and white bass. Caught a few more crappie in 18 FOW on the old dam and C.J. caught a nice wiper that was chasing shad. Over all, what a nice night on the water to beat the heat.  Hook'Em!!
  July  2011  
7-31-11 Went out this morning looking for some crappie. Found some nice fish just of a ledge in about 13 FOW. Checked some brush and caught some smaller ones. The water temp was 89.7 when I came off at 11ish. The temps are really hot as they are reaching 107 +. We really need some rain.  Hook'Em!

7-30-11 Been fighting an eye illness so I haven't been on the water for a week. Went out tonight with Jerry and Ron for some walleye action. Blue cats and white bass was the only action. The thunder storm ran us off the water but we really need the rain. Hook'Em!!
7-23-11 Took out Jill for her birthday and C.J. and Phillip came along also. Not much for eyes this morning so we went looking for some crappies. 12 FOW was the answer for big fish. Not too many caught but great quality.  Hook'EM!

7-21-11 Two hours of fishing last night and 4 walleyes. Fished shallower last night than we have been. Trying out new places and still producing nice eyes. 13 FOW and water temp is still around 90. Crank baits and 2.5mph is the key. Will be going out again this weekend. Hook'Em!

7-19-11 Went out on El Dorado tonight with C.J. looking for the smallies. None to be found. Seen some fish surfacing but no takers. Temp 103F, water temp was 89.7 and the walleyes were still hungry. Caught a few nice ones in 13 fow with the little time we fished for them. C.J. was taken for a ride by a big wiper that hung him up in the tree tops. Nice fish but we never got to see him. Better luck next time C.J.  Hook'Em!!

7-17-11 After reading the article about me, I decided to clean up the boat and go fishing. I think it was about 1ish when I made it out. The temps were extremely hot and dry. No wind and the fishing was tough. Was able to salvage the day by some white bass surfacing shad in sailboat cove. Then I went out to the channel where I caught 7 walleye and 4 wipers. Did catch some keepers but it sure was HOT and time to cool down.   Hook'Em!

7-17-11 Well, yours truly made the Wichita Eagle this morning. Nice article about walleye fishing at El Dorado Lake in 100+ weather. Here is a link if you want to read about it.
It was a great day and the fishing was also good. Hook'Em!

7-16-11 Hit the lake with C.J. this morning and no too many takers at 10ish. We decided to check on some crappie piles and sure enough, they were waiting on my wasshoppah to show up. Three quick strikes and crappie to show. Two of the three were very nice El Dorado Lake crappie. Moved on to the dam and worked the Zinker Z with 1/16 oz gopher head jigs. We caught several smallies and one nice large mouth. Moved back to the railroad bed and pulled cranks around 3ish when C.J. landed a 25 inch walleye. Our day was complete then and we retired to the A.C.  Hook'Em!

7-15-11 Back out on the water this evening with Stewart and we were able to land two keeper walleyes and one nice wiper. The fishing was really good and the fish were in 15fow on the old railroad bed. Pulling cranks were the best method to catch the eyes. Vertical fished for wipers. 103+ was the temp with 89 degree water temp.  Hook'Em!

7-9-11 My wife wanted me to take  her out tonight after my morning guide trip. She caught several walleyes and two were nice keepers. See her video on the video page.  I had soooo much fun Shawna. Thanks for going. Hook'Em!

7-9-11 Took out Michael Pearce and his editor today and caught several walleyes and whites. The walleyes were really fat and we did keep a few for the pan. I hope you two had a good time and I hope we do it again soon. Hook'Em!


7-4-11 Went back on El Dorado today looking for the wipers again. They were gone.. Not in the Channel where they had been. Caught some nice eyes but I really wanted to slab for the wipers. Hope to find them next time. Hook'Em!!

7-2-11 My Dad and I went out on our pond today and caught some crappie. I'm sure he really didn't want to tangle with this big cat but I sure had fun watching him. Nice Fish Dad...

7-1-11 Went out to El Dorado tonight for some fast fishing before I travel for the 4th. Jerry and I had a blast catching walleye and very nice wipers. Don't know for sure how many we caught but the action was very fast. Channel in 16 FOW.  Hope to do it again.  Hook'Em!
  June  2011  
6-26-11 Tournament day #2. We caught two keepers again today and too many that came so close. We did take 5th place and cashed a check. Melvern lake is always good to me for some reason. Thanks for the great season Craig. Hope you will fish again next year. Hook'Em!!

6-25-11 Tournament day # 1. We caught two eyes very early but after the storm went through, we wasn't able to catch any more keepers. Boy did we need just one more. Took 7th place for the first day. One spot out of the money. Not too bad. Will try harder tomorrow and hope to do better.  Hook'Em!

6-24-11 Two more walleye today pre-fishing at Melvern and one 5 foot gar. I hope the walleye are there for Saturdays tournament. Went out tonight with some friends and put them on Crappie. Phillip, Boyd, and Dennis sure had a great time. The water was smooth as glass and the crappie was hitting hard. Must of smelled that T-Bone stake I ate earlier.  Hook'Em!!

6-23-11 Pre-fished this morning and caught two keepers in 12 fow pulling cranks. Left the eyes alone and went after crappie. Caught several in 16 fow using Crappie Pro's Wasshoppah's. Just the day I needed. Had fun.  Hook'Em!!

6-22-11 Going to Melvern Lake today to pre-fish for the 2 day walleye tournament coming up this weekend. Wish us luck...  Hook'Em!!

6-19-11 Took a friend and his son out today for Father's Day and boy did they have fun. Ty caught so many white bass, I think his arms were tired. Fished until noonish and came in. I hope the two of you had a good time. Lets do it again... Hook'Em!..

6-15-11 Went out last night for some evening fishing. The trolling bite was fast and the fish were hitting very hard. Lake has cleared up a lot. Caught several wipers and walleye in 8 fow and crappie and channel cat in 22 fow over brush. Hook'Em!!

6-14-11 Had some bad luck with the boat lately. Everything is running great now and I was able to find the wipers and whites on El Dorado tonight. Could only fish for 2 hours but caught about 40 fish. Going back tonight. Hook'Em!!

  6-2-11 Getting packed to head to Milford lake this weekend for another KWA tournament. Wish us luck.  Hook'Em!!

6-1-11 Very excited today about getting my third custom rod from "The Rod Doc" B.D.Ehler. If you want sensitivity and quality, give this guy a call and you won't regret it..  Hook'Em!!
  May  2011  
5-28-11 Took Jill out this morning for some walleye fishing on El Dorado Lake. Got to our spot and dropped down a worm and Jill had a 20 inch eye on in about two seconds. We did catch a few more fish but the early morning storms made fishing tough. came off the lake about noonish. Lake water is very dirty. Will be going back to Milford again on the 8th for the next tournament.  Hook'Em!

5-22-11 Took our a Father and Daughter from NY today. We didn't catch much as the winds were blowing very hard in the morning and then it went calm. We were able to put two eyes in the boat for dinner. One went about 5lbs. Hope you had fun you guys... Hook'Em!!

5-21-11 Went to Milford today with CJ and one of his co-workers for some nice clear water fishing. We caught several walleye today but nothing huge. The blue cats were nice to catch early in the morning. The winds stayed low so it made a good day on the water.  Hook'Em!!

5-17-11 Took out my wife tonight for some LMB fishing. We didn't catch any bass but we did have a good time fishing. Thanks for going Shawna.  Hook'Em!!

5-15-11 Went to Wilson lake for the first KWA fishing tournament of the year. I think the wind blew for 3 straight days at 40mph +. We did eat very well with Phillip and Jackie. Not the best outing but we were able to catch 4 eyes. Hope to do better at the next one. Hook'Em!!

5-7-11 Took out two really nice guys today for some walleye and crappie fishing. Was able to boat some nice crappie with one 5lb eye as a bonus. Hope you guys had fun. Hook'Em!!

5-5-11 Went to Pomona today to get my new rod from B.D. What a true piece of work he did on my new St Croix rod. Took it out to the lake that afternoon and caught some nice crappie. Thanks again B.D.  Hook'Em!!

5-4-11 Took out two really nice guys from Wichita tonight. We went up Satchel creek and caught some nice male crappie in about 2 foot of water. Water temp were around 62-68. Ended up with one female that was 15 1/2 inches.  Hook'Em!!
  April  2011  

Had a great tournament for the Special Olympics today. Had more fisherman than we expected. The weather wasn't that bad. The fishing was but we were able to weigh some in. Overall, we had a great day. Thanks for fishing with me Raymond.  Hook'Em!!

4-29-11 Going to Clinton lake about 3:30 in the morning for the Special Olympics Crappie Tournament. Hope the wind stays down and we get a nice turn out. A win would be great also. Wish us luck.  Hook'Em!!

4-24-11 Happy Easter! Went out after dinner and caught a few on wasshoppah using the long rod from bank. They really smacked my 3 inch bug. Things will get better as the water temp gets warmer.  Hook'Em!

4-23-11 Went up the creek today with Phillip and Craig today. Our first crappie was a 14 incher. Good way to start the day. Caught several 12-13 inch crappie. Had 38 total and threw several back as the basket wouldn't hold any more. Wasshoppah caught several including 2 bass that were around 5 lbs and several smaller ones. Water temp was 54-60 and the creek was clean. Most fish were caught in 1-3 foot of water.  Hook'Em!!

4-22-11 Wife, kids and I went out to the lake today. Caught a few crappie but the north wind really was cold. Hook'Em!

4-19-11 Cold and windy tonight so I drug some brush into a cove for spawning crappie. Hope I catch several fish as the work was very hard. Will try them out tomorrow.  Hook'Em!

4-18-11 Went out late last night and found these guys in 1.5 foot of water. Fished a cove with some brush cover. Lost a few at the top of the water. Hook'Em!

04-17-11 Took a client out today on windy El Dorado lake. The main lake is very dirty with about 3-6 inches of visibility. Water temp was 57.4. The crappie bite was very slow but we managed some nice one in about 10 foot of water. Warmer weather should get them more active. Hook'Em!

04-16-11 Today was windy and very cold. We just had a storm last night and the temps dropped down to 42 degrees for a high. What the @#$# is going on here? The fish were not interested in anything at all. Salvaged the day with only 4 keepers. The water temp fell a lot and the water is very muddy. Come on warmer weather.  Hook'Em!

04-15-11 Drove to Wichita today and brought back the Kansas Walleye Association Tournament Trailer. This beast is very long and super heavy. The Kansas winds at 40+ made the trip even more exciting. Did my part, Ray can pull it home from here.

04-13-11 Went out this morning with KDWP and helped pull nets again. I really think the walleye spawn in coming to a end. Not so many males in the nets as there were last week. The females that were in the net had eggs and were ready to release them. Here are a few pictures of the El Dorado eyes to be caught in 2011.  Thanks again KDWP for allowing me to tag along.   Hook'Em!

04-09-11 Fished today in brush about 8-10 fow. We had a huge storm last night and the crappie are not wanting to play. The ones that did hit, were very aggressive and were 13 + fish. The winds were 25-35 again and the water temp was 56.4.  Hook'Em!

04-08-11 Fished tonight until the storm ran us off the lake. Was able to boat a few nice crappies but the action was slow. We got to see a great sunset in the west and a huge thunder head developed in the southeast. The crappie should be better as the water temp warms up. Hook'Em!

04-06-11 Went after the crappie again tonight for a few hours. Wind was out of the NE from 10- 20mph. Water temp was 54.2 and the crappie were in 8-10 fow. Caught some nice ones in brush on the 3" wasshoppah. They really thumped the bait.  Hook'Em!!

04-06-11 Went out with KDWP this morning and helped pull nets for spawning walleye. The first net had about 15 fish with several males and a few females. The second net had 50 eyes in it. These walleye were so heavy that we could hardly pull them into the boat. All I can say is, "VERY IMPRESSIVE". Several 21+ fish and some that would make your pole bend and your line sing. Had a good time but my back didn't like it. Hook'Em!


Had a canceled trip today so I went out in the 30+ winds anyways. Was able to catch some nice crappie and a nice bonus 23 inch walleye on the 10 footer. What a fight! The water temp was 55 at its highest and 42 at its lowest.  All the fish were outside the brush in about 8-12 foot of water. I really had a great day but sure was ready to get out of the wind.  By the way, Craig came out later that day and caught some nice fish, and netting my nice walleye.   Hook’Em!

04-01-11 Took Ashley out again tonight for some creek action. Not much going on again. That cold weather really put them down. Water temp. 55. Ashley caught a nice white bass and yes, I caught another drum... Hook'Em!
  March  2011  
03-29-10 Went out tonight for some night time walleye fishing. I really should have stayed home as the winds were out of the north about 15-30 mph. Very cold and then mother nature started to let some small ice pelts fly. Fished for about one hour in this nasty weather and turned in for the night. By-the-way, one bump from a fish. Not a good night.  Hook'Em!!


Tonight was the big night everyone was waiting on at Bumpys. The fishing trip for two drawing. Who would win this great trip? Rodney Cook was the lucky winner and he was very happy. I have fished with Rodney before as he came up and fished with us last year. Hope we have as much fun this year and catch as many fish. Looking forward to the trip Rodney.  Hook’Em!!


Went fishing today for some LMB in a pond back home. The weather was very cold and rainy. Caught two bass on a 12 inch worm and decided to leave as my hands were colder then the water.  The company was great as my two brothers and my friend Chris went along. Had fun guys.  Hook’Em!!

03/22/10 Took out a family from Wichita today and really enjoyed watching the 16 year old catch his first crappie. Special moment! The winds were still at 30 to 40 mph but we were able to fish the creek. Dipped minnows in about 2-6 fow. The creeks water temp hit 60 at one time. Not a lot of fish, but great quality. Had fun guys, lets do it again.  Hook'Em!

03/20/11 Winds at 30 to 40mph today so we took the boat up on the creek today looking for a pre-spawn crappie bite. Caught a few in 9 fow and as the day warmed up, 2-4 fow. The crappie were really nice and fat. Going to try again on Tuesday as the Kansas winds are still going to blow all week. Hook'Em!!

03/19/11 The Kansas winds are staying true to it's name so I am staying home and working on the boat to get them ready for the season. Doesn't take too much work but it's nice to get all the little stuff done now rather than later. Hope to get out tomorrow.  Hook'Em!!

03/16/11 Tried the pre-Spawn bite again today. We pulled spinners with bottom bouncers with no luck. The walleye are staged and not wanting to eat. Water temp 42F. Hook'Em!!

03/10/11 Still chasing the Crappie in the evenings. Not too many fish today but the bite should get better. Water temp is still cold.  Hook'Em!

03/06/11 Went out on El Dorado today looking for the pre-spawn bite and man was it tough. We could see tons of fish on the Lowrance but no takers. What?? Worked really hard but all I caught was a Berkley fishing rod. At least we were able to put something in the boat. Will go out again soon.  Hook'Em!!

03/02/11 Took my Dad and Craig out tonight for some fast fishing as we only had a few hours before dark. The winds were out of the East and not much going on. One crappie in 12 fow. Things should pick up soon.   Hook'Em!

03/01/11 Just got the great news that Hook'Em Guide Service is a Pro-Staff for Lowrance Electronics. Things are getting better all the time. Will add more soon.  Hook'Em!!
  FEB  2011  
02/27/11 Went out on El Dorado Lake today and I couldn't see anything as the fog was very thick. Thanks for the GPS on my Lowrance or we would have never been able to make it around. I couldn't see 5 foot in any direction. Was able to catch a few crappie before the fog lifted and the thunder storm came in and ran us home. Ran into Stan and his crew and they gave us some nice crappie to go along with ours. Thanks Guys!  Hook'Em!!

02/26/11 Went out on El Dorado Lake today and froze my tail off. Craig caught one crappie in 12 fow. Will try again tomorrow.  Hook'Em!

02/23/11 Went out tonight and sank some more structure at El Dorado Lake. Hope this holds more fish for us to catch. Will try them next week.   Hook'Em!

02/22/11 Went out to El Dorado Lake after work and fished for an hour or so. Caught five crappie and three of them were very nice. The other two were only 11 to 11.5 inches. The winds were very strong again making it hard to vertical fish. Caught all the fish on Berkley Gulp Minnows. Hope to get out more this week.  Hook'Em!

02/20/11 It's been a long winter for me, with not much luck fishing under the ice this year. But today the ice is gone and for the first time on the main lake this year, I was able to catch some nice winter time crappies. Fished for a few hours today with 35+ mph winds and that wasn't much fun but I was able to figure out a pattern for this nice slabs. Can't wait to get back on the water with less winds...   Hook'Em!
  Jan  2011  
1/28/11 Went back to Wolf Creek today with CJ. The weather was the best toping out about 63 and man was the fishing great. Didn't want the soft baits today so we threw many cranks and had fun. Caught about 75 + whites, one nice LMB, 1 crappie, and CJ caught a nice walleye. Ran into Ned and Clyde there and they were catching Large Mouth Bass. Had a great day on the water and hope to do it again soon.  Hook'Em!

1/22/11 Went to Wolf Creek today with CJ and Jill. We put the hurt to the white bass using white wasshoppah. I think  we caught around 75ish or more whites, 3 crappie, 1 walleye. Jill caught so many fish, she said she doesn't need to go again for awhile. Had fun guys.  Hook'Em!

11/15/11 Went to El Dorado Lake with some friends out of Wichita today to cut holes in the ice. Not a lot going on today but thick ice. Will try again tomorrow. Hook'Em!

1/11/11 Went out to El Dorado Lake with Ashley tonight for some hole cutting. She really enjoys drilling ice holes. No fish tonight but we will sure catch some this weekend. I sure can say she can cut some nice holes with her auger.  Hook'Em!

1/3/11 Went to Sooner Lake in Oklahoma on Jan 1st and caught some nice Largemouth Bass and some whites and one Striper. Was a fun day but the water temp was lower that normal as they had the plant turned off. Tried Skiatook Lake on Sunday and caught some nice white bass on spoons. Great trip and hope to go back soon.  Hook'Em!!
  Dec 2010  
12/26/10 Broke through the thin layer of ice to get to our crappie habitat we put in a few weeks ago for testing. Not much going on as we couldn't really fish them as the ice keep us too far back. Darn... Went to a brush pile and caught a few there. My partners got cold so we came in. NOT MUCH GOING ON. Going to Sooner Lake on Friday till Monday..

12/18/10 Took Magie out to the lake to run around today. She wanted to test the ice and go after the geese. I really had to hold her back. She doesn't know she is a hound dog and not a bird dog. Silly girl.  Ice fishing soon as the ice is getting thicker.  Hook'Em!!@

12/15/10 Took the 5 Crappie Habitats out and sank them today. The water temp was a cold 33.6 degrees and we were at the edge of ice on the main lake. Won't be long before we start ice fishing.. Yahoo...   Hook'Em!

12/10/10 Built 5 more Crappie Habitats today. Hope the crappie likes them as much as I do. Hope to drop them in soon.  Hook'Em!!

12/7/10 Worked on a new Crappie Habitat for the Lake. Hope the Crappie enjoy it and want to hang around for some winter time fishing...   Hook'Em!

  Nov 2010  
11/27/10 Went to Melvern Lake today and caught some nice crappies. Seen some good friends and they shared info on how deep the fish were. Strolled in 25 fow with gulp baits. Craig caught 4 eyes and we ended up fishing brush at the end of the day with some nice fish also. Brought back a nice catch for the freezer... Hook'Em!

11/20/10 Went to the WOLF today and caught some nice crappie in around the 35 foot range over 40 fow. It was really cool as we would spot fish with the sonar and watch the fish attack the jig which we also could see. I always love fishing this way. Makes my HDS an awesome tool and a fun way to fish.. I know Craig had fun doing this also... And yes, 1/4oz tail light jig head with a wasshoppah!!! Hammered it!!  Hook'Em!

11/14/10 Took a good friend fishing today and taught him how to throw a open face reel. He really picked it up vey fast and was casting very far in no time. Had a great time and hope to do it again. Hook'Em!

11/6/10 Went to Milford lake today for some wipers and whites. The day wasn't the best as it was cold and wind blew and blew harder which made boat control and traveling very hard. We was able to catch 7 different species which was neat. Can't wait to go back but the weather man had better get the wind speed correct.  Hook'Em!
  Oct 2010  
10/30/10 Took the wife out on El Dorado lake today and the crappie had lock jaw. We did catch several whites in the marina cove. My wife put the smack down on me as she caught about 2 to 1. Nice to see her enjoy a great evening on the water. Hook'Em!

10/24/10 Chased the fish all over the lake today with a lot of gas going through my boat and not much to show for it. We did catch some white bass and a wiper just before dusk. Fishing needs to get better than this.  Hook'Em!

10/20/10 Fished El Dorado with my daughter Lauren and her Grandpa Jerry. We didn't catch a lot of wipers but they sure put up a fight. Lauren caught the most and the biggest fish. Hook'Em!

10/17/10 Fished some farm ponds back home with my brothers Troy and Todd today. We sure caught some nice large mouth bass. The average bass was 2 plus pounds. The largest was five plus. Top water buzz baits and the 12 inch worm killed them. We sure had a great time in the two hours we fished and then a great BBQ at Troy's.  Hook'Em!

10/5/10 Check out my new video on El Dorado Lake of the spillway using my HDS 8 and structure scan.  Hook'Em!

10/5/10 Check out my video on Council Grove Lake and the fish going out the spillway using my HDS8 and structure scan.  Hook'Em!
Sept 2010
9/22/10 Took out two really nice ladies last night on a very windy El Dorado Lake. Shawna (my wife) caught this really nice 4.24 lb walleye while jigging a hump in about 9 foot of water. Fished a break and Jill caught a small crappie and Shawna caught a catfish. Didn't have much time on the water but it sure was fun. Thanks for the good time ladies.  Hook'Em!
9/18/10 Took a trip after a invite from Dennis P to Melvern Lake. My father-in-law Jerry and I went and what a great day of  fishing. We caught several nice crappie, with most of them just off the bottom in 18-25 feet of water. Fished several different type of structure and caught fish on all of them. Going back on the 25th. Thanks again Dennis!  Hook'Em!

9/16/10 Took two really nice guys out after 5ish tonight and caught some whites up on the North end of the lake. Came back to the main lake and caught one catfish. Not much going on but huge balls of shad. I didn't think we did too bad after getting 5 inches of rain the night before. Thanks for going with me Gary and Gary H. I had fun.  Hook'Em!

9/13/10 Went out today with Phillip and  J.S. We caught some really nice crappie today. The bite wasn't the fastest but the fish were nice in size. I think we might have caught more but Phil kept catching flatheads and spooking the crappie. Way to go Phillip! Had a great time guys and hope to do it again soon.  Hook'Em!

9/12/10 Phillip and I went out Sunday about 9ish and fished till 2. We caught some nice crappies on brush piles and a few on humps. Also landed two nice walleye on gulp vertical jigging. We had a great time and kept some nice crappie.  Hook'Em  !

9/11/10 Took two really nice guys out today with the great Kansas winds blowing 40+. We were able to catch some really nice whites and one 5 lb walleye. Greg from Montana had never caught a walleye before and man was he excited.  Hook'Em!

9/1010 Sorry but I  have been very busy lately. I have been guiding and camping with the kids and haven't had much time on the computer. I have been catching nice fish lately as the fishing has picked up. Caught some nice whites and wipers but the walleye and wiper have come alive. I will get some images up on the web soon.   Hook'Em!
August 2010
8/31/10 The last day of the month and we were going to El Dorado Lake but some bad luck with my right trailer brake said different. Had to take the boat home and do some maintenance work for about an hour. Yuck! Got the old girl back working again and will try it again this weekend.   Hook'Em!

8/28/10 Well I took my two girls (14 and 12) and one of their friends out on Saturday fishing and let them pick what we were going to fish for and where. The first place they told me to go was the marina for burgers and fries. Great food so I was ok with that. Then we went to the old Bluestem lake for crappie. Before I could get the poles out they had jumped in and called this a swimming day. I have to admit, they had fun and so did I. No fish but a great time watching them be silly. I know they are going to grow up fast so I really cherish every time we do something together.

8/21/10 Went to Toronto Lake to crappie fish and caught 2 before my friends boat went dead on us so we came back to El Dorado and got my Champion and went walleye fishing. Caught two eyes with one being 22 inches. The other one was 18 but they are feeding on shad. Caught some other fish also. Good day.   Hook'Em!

  Here are some really cool images I took with my Lowrance Side Image. One of the images is of a boat at the bottom of the lake. Some are trees and a spillway. Hook'Em!

8/14/2010 What ever you do, don't fish Winfield Lake durning the weekend. Just about got ran over by crazy people that don't know how to drive a boat. Took some neat images there with the side scan. I think someone said that the image was an old box car. Also, we did catch a few fish but not much.  Hook'Em!

8/10/2010 Played tennis with the family tonight so no report. Going to Winfield this weekend.  Hook'Em!

8/9/2010 Took out Michael Pierce from the Wichita Eagle (outdoor writer) again trying to find the big wipers. Not much going on again tonight but I was able to catch a nice one in about 3 foot of water. This fish wasn't the longest one but I do know he fought like a champ. Had a great time and hope to visit a new body of water this weekend.  Hook'Em!!

8/8/2010 Went to El Dorado this morning and caught a nice eye that went 18 inches and a few white bass. It got very hot around 10ish so I pointed the boat back to the dock. Can't wait till fall!  Hook'Em!

8/4/2010 Took out Michael Pierce from the Wichita Eagle (outdoor writer) and chased the wipers and white bass. The evening started out very windy and the bite was poor. A front pushed in on us today around 4ish and the fishing went sour. As the evening went on, the lake went flat and the storms hovered around us. Caught a glance of a beautiful rainbow off to the east just outside of some big thunder clouds. The sunset was awesome and the evening sure turned out to be great.  Hook'Em!

8/3/2010 Went out on El Dorado Lake tonight and caught a few white bass. They just turned the gates off after what seems like 3 months and the fishing was slow. Hook'Em!

8/2/2010 The heat made it to a record breaking 107 today but that didn't stop us from going fishing tonight. Boated some nice fish and took the time to take a few pictures. The biggest wiper went about 21 inches and boy did it pull. Going back out again tonight! Hook'Em!

8/1/2010 Well it's August and the heat is at 100 today. My wife and I went out on El Dorado Lake this evening and caught a few nice whites. We also caught 2 smallmouth but the heat was too much for us. Very Hot! Had a great time fishing with Shawna and hope she goes out with me again soon.  Hook'Em!

July 2010
7/31/10 Ended the month of July with a early morning fishing trip to Toronto Lake with Pro Staff Jack Swafford of Crappie Pro. The morning was very hot and I am talking about the temp and not the catching. The crappie were all about one foot off the bottom and you almost had to put the bait in their mouth before they took it. We did catch one nice keeper about 15 inches but Jack said there are many more that are bigger.  Hope to get the chance to go back out with Jack again soon.   Hook'Em!

7/29/10 Waxed the whole boat tonight and now I can't feel my arms or hands. Ouch! I have a new boat again and I owe it all to Hull Cleaner. You can get it at Wal-Mart. Works like washing a window. Very easy and no scrubbing. Magic I say, "Magic". My boat looks like new. Anyone want to take it out with me???   Hook'Em!

7/28/10 I have been looking for something that would take off the lake scum from the bottom of my boat for a long time and have tried many types of chemicals and waxes. No Acids on my hull... Finely I found the answer to my prayers. Hull Cleaner! You wipe it on and rinse it off with the hose. Worked on the boat for  3 hours tonight making sure I did the whole boat. Tomorrow is the tough day as I have to wax it. I wished I would have taken pictures of the hull before and after.  Hook'Em!

7/27/10 Went out on the water tonight with my friend Jack to show him the structure scan by Lowrance. We found some really nice underwater hedge trees which should produce some nice crappie. It is great to study the lake sometimes and not fish.  Hook'Em!

7/26/10 Very hot time evening with no wind. Went crappie fishing and caught the big 0. Don't know why the fish aren't biting but will try something different tomorrow.  Hook'Em!

7/24/10 Had a nice storm come through and really made the fishing tough. We fished all morning and caught one wiper, 3 crappie and a drum. The biggest crappie went about 14 inches. Going back out tomorrow.   Hook'Em

7/22/10 We out on El Dorado Point tonight and caught several wipers and white bass. The bite was very good for about one hour and then they moved off the road bed and we lost them. Hope to find them tomorrow.   Hook'Em!

7/20/10 Went out on El Dorado Lake today for a few hours and found the wipers and white bass. We were on them for about 1 1/2 hours straight until the storm came in and put a end to our fun. Not to complain because my hands really got a work out. Hope they stay on the shad. Going back out on Thursday.   Hook'Em!

7/7/10 Fishing hasn't been very good to me lately with the high waters so I have been doing different things. Softball has really taken up a lot of my time as I coach my youngest daughters team. Now that it's over, I will be back online updating my page like I should. Have a two day tournament this weekend at Milford lake and we are going to bring home the cash. Wish me luck...   Hook'Em!!
April 2010
5/23/10 On top of the leader board one week and down to the bottom the next week. Had motor trouble at Glen Elder during the KWA tournament and wasn't able to fish the complete day. Phillip and I did catch a ton of walleye but they were all short. Did catch many nice crappie and a large drum. Hope to have a better turnout at Milford. Wish me luck!   Hook'Em!
Almost forgot, look at the videos we took of the wind that we fished in the day before.

5/16/10 The first Kansas Walleye Association fishing tournament was held this weekend at Wilson Lake. Craig and I ran up there early Saturday and caught some nice eyes and then moved on hoping they will still be there for the Sunday tournament. THEY WERE!! We brought in a huge 19.16 lbs on 6 fish and the second place team had 14 lbs. We jigged some nice eyes early and then used the HDS8 and structure scan to find bigger fish out on the flats. Caught about 15 keepers total and all of them were very nice for that lake. We took first place and brought home the cash!! Heading to Glen Elder on the 23rd. Wish me luck.    Hook'Em!

5/15/10 Went to Wilson Lake with Craig to pre-fish for the Kansas Walleye Tournament. We caught some nice walleye early in the morning and decided to leave that area to return during the tournament. We found some nice smallmouth bass and caught them on x-raps for the rest of the afternoon. Watch the videos we made there. What a great day.

5/2/2010 One of the greatest days one the water today. I took my youngest daughter Ashley and her Grandpa Jerry one El Dorado Lake today. We pulled spinners tipped with worms and did she have her hands full. We didn't catch many fish but this one was her best ever measuring 27.5 inches long and hungry. Sure was an eye opener when it came up to the net. Not only did she catch the biggest walleye but she caught the smallest too. . Thanks for the great time you two.   Hook'Em and Little Hook'Em!

5/1/2010 Went to Council Grove Lake today with Phillip and CJ. The weather was great and so was the fishing. Caught many spawning crappie and some nice saugeye. Phillip now can brag that he caught more fish that us as he really put it together. Watch his video on my videos page as he fights with a nice saugeye on his crappie rod. I caught one nice channel cat and my hand still hurts. CJ helped out by catching all of the smaller fish. Ouch!! Not a bad fishing trip for my third time on the Grove.  Hook'Em!!

4/20/2010 Fished the north end of El Dorado Lake tonight with C.J. We pulled spinners at 1.2 mph tipped with  Berkley Powerbait Power Leeches. Man o man did they fool the walleye. We netted 6 eyes and lost a few also. Can't Hook'Em all.. Had two nice keepers and let them go to get bigger. One nice crappie and several drum and a big carp... Nice few hours on the lake.    Hook'Em!

4/17/2010 Fished the creek arm of El Dorado again and caught some crappie with nice quality to them. Mostly males in the 1 to 2 foot range and the females were in 4 to 6 foot of water. Forgot the camera so we had to bring some home to eat.   Hook'Em!

4/16/2010 Fished for crappie tonight and not much going on until the sun went down. Two keeper walleye were caught with one being released and one to the dinner plate.  Hook'Em!

4/11/2010 Fished the creek arm at El Dorado Lake again today with Phillip and C.J. We caught some really nice crappie and threw back the smaller ones. To Phillips surprise, he stuck a personal record walleye which I think would of went 10+ but wasn't able to land it due the the light tackle and big brush below. Phillip did  everything possible but the big girl got away. Should of been using a "Crappie Pro Hook" instead of  your "Arkie's Hook" and the big girl would of been boated. Phillip did land another nice walleye later on that day. Way to go guys. Can't wait to do it again soon....    Hook'Em!!

4/10/2010 Fished the creek arm of El Dorado Lake today with Phillip and C.J. Caught four really nice crappie. Didn't have much time on the water but we will give them heck tomorrow.   Hook'Em!!

4/4/2010 Easter Sunday. Had a great dinner with friends and family. Tried the main lake after dark and caught 3 eyes. One went 22 inches. Very nice male... Will try for more on Tuesday night.   Hook'Em!!

4/3/2010 Took Ashley out and caught some nice crappies on EL Dorado lake today. She left me to go with her friend to a BBQ so I called a friend up and we did some night trolling on the dam. Didn't catch any trolling but my friend caught one on a slash bait. Nice female! He released her to make more eyes. Way to go C.J.     Hook'Em!!!
March 2010
3/30/2010 Hook'Em Guide Service has teamed up with Crappie Pro Company and their excellent fishing products which includes several styles of Solid Body Baits, Jig Heads and other Crappie Fishing products. If you want the best in jigs and accessories, shop online at crappie and tell them Hook'Em Guide sent you...      Hook'Em!

 3 1/2" Wasshoppah Bug 3/30/2010 Went to the lake very early this evening. Used a 3 inch Wasshoppah Bug for the first time on walleye and it worked. Caught one small one... Was very tired and turned in early.... I hope the wind will calm down so I can take the boat out. Expecting 10-30 mph tomorrow but we will try anyways.    Hook'Em!

3/29/2010 Caught 3 again tonight but the bite was much different. I used a small jerk bait and they really smashed it... Fished the bait very slow and steady. Still very windy but nice to have a full moon for light.  Hook'Em!

3/28/2010 Tried the eyes again tonight and caught 3 in no time flat. All were males and they were really full of boy juice... More to come!  Hook'Em

3/26/2010 Went out for a few hours in the creek and nothing going on there. Went out to a point on the main lake and caught one short walleye. Won't be much longer for them to come in for the spawn.  Hook'Em!

3/18/2010 Took Dave and Lauren out last night for some quick crappie fishing. We did catch about 12 in a few hours. The crappie bite isn't very hot but I'm sure it will pick back up. Will start chasing the walleye for the rest of the year....  Hook'Em!

3/16/2010 Well %#$#@#!!! That should sum up our great day on the water with the movie crew. Not the best day as the wind wouldn't stop and it was much colder than it should have been not to mention that the barometer tanked. I am going to have a visit with my weather guy Merrill Teller. Not all was a flop as we did catch some crappie and was able to get some on film. I didn't realize how much pressure a movie camera can put on a person.. The image on the left is one of the piles we fished today...  Hook'Em!

3/15/2017 Was asked by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks  to shoot an educational video on winter time crappie fishing at El Dorado Lake, so I went out tonight to make sure the crappie were still around. Sure enough, they were there waiting on my Berkley Minnows. Caught some on a few piles and moved away for the big video day tomorrow. Wish us luck. To the left is a image of one of the brush piles I will be fishing on.   Hook'Em!

3/13/2010 Went fishing on El Dorado lake today and the wind would not stop. We fished most of the day in 15-25 mph winds which made it hard to vertical jig. Had to fish a new spot on the lake than last weekend as the wind just wouldn't let up. Didn't know what type of day we were going to have but we found out after 10 minutes of fishing. WOW! Boated about 80 to 90 crappies and 6 walleyes. We kept a solid 30 crappies with 2 of them tipping the 15" mark and turned the walleye back to spawn. Not a bad day of fishing I should say.

3/7/10 Sunday was a great day to fish on El Dorado Lake. Took out two of my friends and we really pulled in the crappie. The biggest went 14.5 inches and several around the 13-14 mark. We kept 25 for a good meal and let that many or more go back to be caught again.

3/6/10 Very windy on the main lake so we used the structure scan to find brush piles for crappie in old Bluestem lake. Didn't take long to find the brush or the crappie. Had a good day.

3/5/10 Here are some images I took today of the intake at the bottom of the spillway. El Dorado.

3/4/10 Well it March and the spawn is around the corner. The males should be more active soon and Hook'Em Guide will be gearing up for a great walleye season. I am going out tomorrow night after work for a few hours. Will post more images..   Hook'Em!
February 2010
2/27/10 Went out on EL Dorado Lake. Looked at the structure scan for the first time on this lake. All I can say is, "WOW". Here are some of the images I took.   Hook'Em!

2/27/10 Back from a long week in Vegas. The weather there was cold so we didn't go out on Lake Mead. I am going out on El Dorado Lake today as I was told that the ice is gone. Don't expect to catch many fish but want to look at the structure with the new sonar. Will post pictures later.   Hook'Em!

2/19/10 Going to Vegas Sunday. Maybe fishing at lake Mead. Striper fishing that is. Let you know about it when I get back. Until then, Hook'Em

2/13/10 Wolf Creek, cold, foggy, and fun!  We had a super trip on the Nuclear water today with lots of fish caught. Worked the west side of the lake where the water is colder than the discharge tube. Can't remember how many white bass we caught as there were too many. I caught a huge drum that about tore off my arms. Sure was fun. Took some videos and can't wait to return.    Hook'Em!

2/12/10 Well it's 5 days shy of one month and I haven't been able to get on any water to fish. (I hate the snow.) Been doing a lot of goose hunting and they are winning. Tomorrow is a different story!! Coffey County, look out!! I have been going through withdraws and I am coming for you. ALL FISH BE ON THE LOOK OUT! Hope I still know how to use my electronics. Wish me luck!   Hook'Em!

January 2010


Fished the stilling basin on the first day of the 2010 fishing season. Not much going on but some really cold weather. Will try again tomorrow.  Hook'Em!

1/9/10 Did some ice fishing today. The temp was 8 degrees today and the ice was about 10-12 inches thick. Worked the channel at El Dorado Lake. Had a great time but didn't catch much. Going to try again tomorrow.   Hook'Em!

1/10/10 Fished today for about two hours. The wind was strong today but the temp was around 36 degrees. Worked the underwater camera but didn't see anything. The water color at El Dorado is still dingy. Don't know why! Todd caught one white bass and I missed one. Not having a good 2010 in the catching area. Will try again soon.   Hook'Em!

1/11/10 Don't know if the ice will allow me to fish today. I am waiting for my Lowrance LSS-1 StructureScan module with transducer to come in. Can't wait!   Hook'Em!

1/11/10 Well we went out for an hour last night. Fished the creek in Durechen around the channel. Caught two nice wipers and a crappie. I just caught one of the three. Way to go Craig. Sorry about the broken glasses. Might try again tomorrow.   Hook'Em!

1/12/10 Fished Durechen Creek channel last night for about an hour. We was able to bring up two crappie. One was very nice. The weather is warming up today and I think the ice fishing will come to an end for awhile. Just as we were finding them. O'well, time to get the boat out.

1/14/10 Got my new Lowrance StructureScan in today and I am getting ready to install it. Wish me luck.....   Hook'Em!

1/17/10 Went to Coffey County Lake today and wasn't allow on until around 12ish because of the heavy fog. The wait in the truck for two hours wasn't the most fun, but it was worth it after we were fishing. Got to use the new StructureScan and all I can say is, "WOW"! This tool is going to make fishing much easier. Will post pictures soon. Hope to get on EL Dorado this weekend. Hook'Em

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